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This is a curated collection for the launch of the Cuppari Mondo Bello Family business, highlighting the UTOPIA series by Pasquale Cuppari, along with a taste of other series.  These paintings were exhibited during the month of July in NYC and will be featured in upcoming private and public shows in the NY area.  We are offering 111 NFTS of each painting and we are inviting all NFT and IRL collectors to join our community and walk further towards Utopia together.  Once we sell all 111 of each piece, we will randomly select one of the NFT collectors to receive a painting valued at $25k.  You’ll get to meet the others who resonate with the same painting, and same step on the path to Utopia and get special invitations to future events related to the painting and series you purchased. For example, if you purchase an NFT of Luna Nera from our Red Planet series, you’ll be at the top of the list for private penthouse shows in NY and other shows related to climate, sustainability, and the entire Red Planet series. Cuppari Mondo Bello Piazza D’Arte A Celebration Space Filled with the Richness of Art & Life, Reflections of Light, To Cultivate Feelings of Joy and Invite a Societal Spiritual Journey Towards towards the sublime. **these pieces have been minted and available for viewing in a 360 Virtual gallery and soon in Virtual Reality

Cuppari Mondo Bello Piazza D'Arte
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